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Bush, Carter,and Christianity

Posted by Brian on November 30, 2006

I know it’s a hopeless cause to correct every little made-up-on-the-spot bit of nonsense that makes its way to the front page of Blogs for Bush, but this statement demands to be corrected:

President Bush is condemned by his critics for the fact of his Christianity….

As someone who has read a lot of criticism of George Bush I can honestly say that I’ve never read anyone on the left condemn Bush for being a Christian.

I have read, however, a lot of criticism directed at the authenticity of his belief; this article from The American Prospect covers the subject best, I think. While he talks a good game, there’s more than enough evidence out there to suggest that he isn’t very serious about walking the same path as Jesus.

The above article is also of interest because it features a couple of quotes from fallen pastor, and former Bush advisor, Ted Haggard. Haggard comments on Jimmy Carter’s failures as president:

“That’s why when Jimmy Carter ran, he [turned out to be] such a terrible president. Because when he [governed], he really tried to maintain [his integrity] and those types of values [Christian values]– and that is virtually impossible.”

Now Carter, that’s man who’s faith seems authentic. It’s unfortunate that some people take a perverse joy in deriding him for his actions.


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