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So, why the new blog?

Posted by Brian on February 1, 2007

It’s been a while since I last blogged but here I am with a brand-new blog under a whole different name. What’s up?

Well, long story short… I wanted a fresh start. Despite my efforts at my last blog to try to broaden my writing topics and establish a more personal feel to it, I still felt that I was carrying a lot of baggage from my earlier incarnation. In particular, I grew frustrated with people who seemed to be reading my blog for no other reason than to disagree with me on political issues.  They couldn’t be bothered to comment about music, movies, Korean issues, or anything else I had written, but if I posted my opinion on some political issue, they would come out of the woodwork with some snarky remark. I grew tired of that because there’s more to me than just politics. I have other interests and my hope was that my readers would either take an interest in everything I wrote or just not bother visiting my site anymore. By starting over with a clean slate, I hope to reset my readership to friends and other people I know. I want this blog to have a more personal feel to it and I hope my readers will know me and appreciate me as a real person with a variety of interests rather than “some blogger” with a different point of view.

What’s with the name? Well, my old blog, Cathartidae, was named after a song from one of my favorite groups, Tribes of Neurot. I decided to continue that tradition by using Markandeya, which is also a song of theirs. From what I can tell, Tribes of Neurot got the song title from an ancient sage in Hindu tradition. Anyway, like Cathartidae, I think it’s a pretty catchy name, which is why I picked it.

So that’s the lowdown… well, most of it. There was another issue – a personal one – that caused me to take a break from blogging, but I’m not sure if it’s something I want to blog about. It’s something that I want to tell my friends eventually, I’m just not sure how.

I have no great aspirations for this blog other than to give my friends and family an idea of what I’m up to. Please enjoy. 


One Response to “So, why the new blog?”

  1. Anthony said

    Hey Brian,

    I just found your new blog. I was wondering what happened to you. I tried many times to connect to Cathartidae without success. Glad to see you’re still around in the blogosphere. I completely understand the need for a new direction in the blog. I’ve been having the same feeling myself and am in the process of switching gears on my own blog. Drop me a line and let me know how you’ve been. It’s definitely time we caught up. Take care.

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