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Who will die?

Posted by Brian on February 6, 2007

According to the latest Battlestar Galactica promo, a major character will bite it this season. Speculation has already begun about which character goes off to the Ship of Lights and the snazzy white suede uniforms.

My hope is that Starbuck dies as I find her character incredibly cliched, annoying, and the center of too many ho-hum storylines.


11 Responses to “Who will die?”

  1. alex said

    what are the chances that she’s a cylon?

  2. Brian said


    It never occured to me that she might be a cylon. If she is, maybe a glitch in here wiring explains her obnoxious behavior:)

    I guess that’s the other big question: who is a cylon? Baltar seems to be too obvious of a choice at this point. For shock value, Adama or Apollo would be first choice, but I think the creative team behind the show would discount that as being too obvious of a “shock.” I’m leaning towards the president being a cylon, as the intitial attack on the colonies could have been timed to ensure her survival and eventual promotion.


  3. alex said

    do you recall that lucy lawless apologized to someone when she saw the final five in the temple? who could that be?

    i only suggested that starbuck could be a cylon because she’s clearly better than everyone else.

  4. Brian said

    I bet BSG geeks are out there parsing every episode in hopes of figuring out why Lawless’s character apologized like that:)

    I really have no idea…


  5. alex said

    well, in case you missed it, katee, a local girl, was on a local radio show at the end of last year and she supposedly let fly a few spoilers.


  6. bighominid said

    I saw this post, read the comment thread, visited Alex’s broadcast link (very interesting– thanks for that), then waddled over to IMdB to see what geek speculation was going on at the Katee Sackhoff bio page. In the thread I read, a lot of people seemed to want Dee to die; a smaller number were gunning for Lee/Apollo; not a single person dared to suggest removing Tricia Helfer’s Cylon hottie from the show. Same for Grace Park (equally hot, in my opinion). Not a peep about her.

    One interesting comment in that thread related to Brian’s comment re: Starbuck having become a cliché. The commenter saw Starbuck’s character arc has having plummeted from strong feminist icon to obnoxious, needy chick in thrall to her men. I can see that. I think, however, that her character can be built back up.

    Sackhoff herself is, in my opinion, a very talented actress. We see exactly what her character is feeling. While I can’t say I’m into her overall physique (she’s a BALLERINA??? with THAT body?), her eyes are hard to look away from. If she does turn out to be the one who’s bumped from the show, I’m sure she’ll very quickly find work elsewhere.


  7. alex said


    well, i finally listed to the KUFO interview since it finally seemed safe to do so. it seems she’s persuing other projects. it seems you got your wish.

  8. Brian said

    Unfortunately, I:m back in Korea now (well, I:m in Japan right now, but just for 2 days), so I;m not able to view new BG episodes. THe death of Starbuck was spoiled for me a few days ago.


  9. Kevin Kim said


    For what it’s worth: try tv-links.co.uk to see ALL SORTS of TV episodes.


  10. Brian said

    Just saw the death of Starbuck episode (thanks, Lorne!). Can’t say I’m sad to see her go.

  11. Brian said

    After finally getting the chance to watch the finale, it looks like I was premature in celebrating her demise. Oh well…

    My friend John didn’t like the finale to much but I didn’t mind it. I do have some questions, though.

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