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More Good News…

Posted by Brian on February 15, 2007

From the New York Observer:

According to one influential Democratic insider, close associates of the former Vice President have communicated to him and other prominent fund-raisers who are uncommitted to the other ’08 candidates that Mr. Gore will consider entering the race—if an opening presents itself—in September.

I have the highest respect for Al Gore, a man of intelligence, decency, and class. If the real will of the people had been followed in 2000, he would be president today, and America would be a stronger, safer, and more respected country for it.

The Republican field for ’08 is weak (Romney? Guiliani? please…), and Gore (with the possible exception of Hillary) is in a league of his own among the Democratic hopefuls. He could blow the whole thing wide open with two simple words: “I’m in.”

A Gore/Obama ticket or a Gore/Edwards ticket, along with 8 years of competent leadership (remember that, America?) could give the Dems a good chance of controlling the White House for 16 years.

Run, Al, run!


One Response to “More Good News…”

  1. Anthony said

    America used to be a well run, respected country? Must have been some kind of parallel universe.

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