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Lost for good?

Posted by Brian on February 20, 2007

Like a lot of Lost fans, I’m unhappy with how the third season is shaping up. But is it really this bad:

“`Lost’ is the tragedy of the season,” said Marc Berman, TV analyst for Media Week Online as well as a fan aggrieved by what he considers ABC’s bungled handling of a favorite show. “They really prematurely put the nail in the coffin. It’s too late to save it.”

The first season was fantastic. The second was good, but it seemed like the weirdness and mystery of it all went a tad too far, to the point that the casual viewer might just throw his hands in the air and change the channel to TNT in order to watch tried and true Law and Order reruns. But this season? No thanks.  Jack, Kate, and Sawyer have never been among my favorite characters on the show, so with the rest of the cast on vacation while the three of them hog all the screen times as captives of The Others, I’m having a hard time maintaining my interest.

I think at this point a lot of fans want some payoff… they want some questions answered.


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