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Enough with the sunglasses!

Posted by Brian on February 21, 2007

This is one of the reasons I dislike CSI: Miami so much:

I can barely stand watching David Caruso act. His acting is just so Shatnerian with his over-reliance on dramatic……… pauses when speaking and idosynchratic body language. And that sunglass thing is just a joke at this point. He just comes across as very arrogant in a way that rubs me the wrong way.

I also dislike CSI:Miami because, much more than the other CSI shows (which I don’t mind watching), the secondary characters seem like nothing more than one-dimensional foils for Horatio Caine to display just how smart and intuitive he is. While the other two CSI’s show a lot of teamwork, CSI: Miami might as well be called CSI: Horatio Caine.

I don’t like it… <puts sunglasses on> one bit.


3 Responses to “Enough with the sunglasses!”

  1. Anthony P said

    Couldn’t agree more.

    BTW, I decided I better include the P at the end of my name to avoid confusion as there appears to be another Anthony lurking around here somewhere.

  2. Anthony said

    Is that you, Mr Pash? It’s Mr Bates here. If so, how are you doing?

    That clip is ridiculous. He sounds like a cross between Shatner and Agent Smith.

  3. Anthony P said

    Hey Anthony,

    I was wondering if that was you. If you get a chance, send me an e-mail at anthonypash@hotmail.com Would love to hear how you guys are doing. Check out my blog to get a bit of an idea of what I’m up to these days. http://rubber-cement.blogspot.com/ Talk to you soon.


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