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The Conservapedia…

Posted by Brian on February 24, 2007

Via Balloon Juice

Tired of Wikipedia and Google, with their hardcore liberal bias? Then perhaps the Conservapedia is the information source for you:

Tired of the LIBERAL BIAS every time you search on Google and a Wikipedia page appears? Now it’s time for the Conservatives to get our voice out on the internet!

Conservapedia began in November 2006, as the class project for a World History class of 58 advanced homeschooled and college-bound students meeting in New Jersey. Conservapedia has since grown enormously, including contributors nationwide.

Conservapedia already has over one-half the number of entries as the Oxford Dictionary of World History. Conservapedia is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most reliable online educational resources of its kind.

Now you can get the real, undiluted scoop on such topics as the Democratic Party:

The major tenets of the modern Democrat platform include cowering to terrorism, treasonous anti-Americanism, and establishment of an amoral, atheistic, Communist state. However, contempt for all the founding principles of America is not yet an official prerequisite for entry into the Democrat party.


Modern liberals are treasonous and generally hate America .

Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton managed to serve two terms without botching the prosecution of two wars, manipulating intelligence, engaging in a systematic program of torture, or mishandling the federal response to flooding of a major American city. Obviously, he is the devil incarnate. Clinton also attempted to use the American military to kill Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, an action which was properly seen as a mere attempt to distract the nation from the Monica Lewisnky scandal.

(Wait a sec… how did that one get in there? I sense shenanigans are afoot)

The many biases of Wikipedia:

Wikipedia often uses foreign spelling of words, even though most English speaking users are American. Look up “Most Favored Nation” on Wikipedia and it automatically converts the spelling to the British spelling “Most Favoured Nation”, even there there are far more American than British users. Look up “Division of labor” on Wikipedia and it automatically converts to the British spelling “Division of labour,” then insists on the British spelling for “specialization” also. Enter “Hapsburg” (the European ruling family) and Wikipedia automatically changes the spelling to Habsburg, even though the American spelling has always been “Hapsburg”. Within entries British spellings appear in the silliest of places, even when the topic is American. Conservapedia favors American spellings of words.

Some bloggers can’t escape the notion that it might be a epic parody of what passes as conventional wisdom in the right-wing universe. And judging from the Bill Clinton entry pasted above, it looks like ideaological opponents are already playing games with its open-source nature. That’s unfortunate, but perhaps if the entires didn’t diverge so far from reality it might not have set itslef up as such an easy mark.


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