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Baby Vox Rev

Posted by Brian on March 3, 2007

The old Baby Vox disbanded a few years ago, shortly after a scandal that came about after they somehow got ahold of a Tupac verse for their album, a move that led to a DJ Doc member calling the Vox girls prostitutes. But now, there’s a new Baby Vox, featuring a whole new team of plastic pop automatons.

Here’s their new video, and I have to say, considering the competition out there, these chicks come accross as pretty bland and unattractive:

And what’s with the Sir Mix-a-lot moment at 2:45 into the clip? Honey, you need to have a better ass than that to pull off such a stunt.


One Response to “Baby Vox Rev”

  1. S said

    The tall girl probably isn’t that tall but she looks freakishly huge next to the other girls. I prefer Wondergirls or Kara, although I don’t like the whole pop scene in general

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