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The Four Unspeakable Truths…

Posted by Brian on March 9, 2007

Jacob Weisberg over at Slate writes on what he calls the “four unspeakable truths” about the war in Iraq. They are: 

  • For many presidential aspirants, the first unspeakable truth is simply that the war was a mistake.
  • A second truth universally unacknowledged is that American soldiers being killed, grotesquely maimed, and then treated like whining freeloaders at Walter Reed Hospital are victims as much as “heroes.”
  • Reality No. 3, closely related to No. 2 and following directly from No. 1, is that the American lives lost in Iraq have been lives wasted.
  • A fourth and final near-certainty, which is in some ways the hardest for politicians to admit, is that America is losing or has already lost the Iraq war.

My biggest mistake back when I was on the fence about going to war in Iraq was to give the current administration the benefit of the doubt in terms of both competence to pull the whole thing off and their forthrightness with the American people. I should have known that even if Saddam had WMD the Bush team would have found a way to botch the job and lie to the public while botching it. Unfortunately, the large number of mistakes, bad assumptions, and half-baked plans that were part of the build-up process have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and who knows how many ruined lives. Whoops!

So, I apologize to all the unfortunate victims, both American and Iraqi, for not taking a stronger stand against the war.

UPDATE: And another thing. I think the refusal among those on the right to face facts about the Iraq debacle is because they can’t bring themselves to admit that they were wrong while a “liberal scum” like Al Gore was right. They’d much rather send more American kids off to die than admit a fault.


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