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America helps terrorists…

Posted by Brian on April 5, 2007

As if there wasn’t enough evidence in the eyes of thr world of America’s incredibly hypocritical foreign policy, there’s this revelation:

An Iranian opposition group based in Iraq, despite being considered terrorists by the United States, continues to receive protection from the American military in the face of Iraqi pressure to leave the country.

It’s a paradox possible only because the United States considers the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, or MEK, a source of valuable intelligence on Iran.

Iranian officials tied the MEK to an explosion in February at a girls school in Zahedan, Iran.

Note to terrorist organizations worldwide: provide some valuable intel to the US government and you too can get a free pass.

“We gave this organization a six-month deadline to leave Iraq, and we informed the Red Cross,” said Shirwan al-Wa’eli, Iraq’s national security minister. “And presumably, our friends the Americans will respect our decision and they will not stay on Iraqi land.”

Don’t count on it… we’ve already canceled local Iraqi elections for fear that an anti-US candidate might win… why on earth does the Iraqi national security minister think we’ll “respect” their decision this time?

And if they really are a terrorist group, the Red Cross needs to stop supporting them, too.

UPDATE: And I love the irony of it all. We got into Iraq because, among other reasons, it provides a “safe haven” for terrorists. Then once we’re in, not only do terrorists flood the country and flourish like never before, but we go so far as to provide military protection for one of the terrorist groups!


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