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Introducing Triple B

Posted by Brian on April 9, 2007

One of the best things about returning to Korea was being able to join up with my former role-playing group, which along with myself consists of Tony, Lorne, and John. It’s probably the best RPG group I’ve ever been involved in as we all our on the same page in terms of what we want from the RPG experience. In short, we all lean towards narrativism, meaning the story comes first.

Anyway, one of the game we’re playing is a superhero game from White Wolf called Aberrant. It’s not a typical 4-color hero game, but rather something along the lines of the tv show Heroes, in that it takes place in a real world setting where superpowered individuals just start cropping up, seemingly out of nowhere. A big part of the game setting revolves around the realistic effects such a surge would have on entertainment, sports, economies, and national powers.

My character is a former wrestler turned uber-goodie hero Triple B. Using the char-gen program from the City of Heroes computer game, I was able to create a picture of Triple B in costume:

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Triple B is sort of a greedy parody of the all-American hero. His behavior is calculated to enhance his marketing potential to global companies, making him one of the richest “heroes” in the Aberrant world. His Triple B Burger at Burger King is quite popular.

Of course, he sometimes needs to get his hands dirty taking out the trash, a duty he’s created an alter-ego for. Here he is as Anon:

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As Anon, Triple B has the freedom to crack as many heads as needed to make the world safe for business and excessive advertising contracts.

In either incarnation, Triple B/Anon has superstrength (though nowhere near Hulk-type strength) and superlative fighting skills that are heavily influence by his time as a professional wrestler.

I put a lot of effort into making RPG characters and I think Triple B is one of my best.


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