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Superpower Update

Posted by Brian on April 11, 2007

Here’s a bit of the latest news in our Superpower: Classic game:

We would like to announce the settlement of a dispute that has been ongoing between the sovereign nations of Japan and Korea since the 6th century AD.

The Dokdo (Takeshima) islands, while a part of Korea for 1500 years, are to be ceded to the Japanese government. They shall become part of Japanese territory, in Oki District within the larger Shimane Prefecture.

The demographics of the Dokdo islands is mixed. 900 Koreans list themselves as residing there, as do 2,000 Japanese. However, only 2 people live there permanently (Koreans).

37 Korean police guard the islands. We would like to request from the Japanese government that they be allowed to stay there on a Sovereign Base Area, on the West Islet. We also request that we are allowed to keep our radar station and helipads on the island.

The sum paid by Japan for the Dokdo islands was $150,000,000. Koreans shall be allowed to pass freely to and from the islands without passport control.

I’m tempted to post (out of character, of course) that any person who knows anything about Korea would know that she would never, ever, ever give up Dokdo in such a manner. What’s next? America selling Texas to Mexico?


6 Responses to “Superpower Update”

  1. Did they really do that?

    Frankly, that is grounds for for the Korean player to be demoted to a some third-tier power like Cambodia or Finland. Perhaps one of us should challange him for the job in the December elections (I will be the GNP guy and you can be the non-GNP guy).

    BTW, I have finally updated my link to your blog.

  2. Brian said

    Sounds good, Andy. That kind of action is one of those verisimilitude-busting actions that has the potential to spoil the game for others. He should be demoted.

    Thanks for the link…


  3. that is bizarre … $150,000,000 – the moderating gods should initiate the fall out in the streets of Korea … mass demonstrations and rioting.

  4. Brian – where did you see the latest news? I can’t seem to locate it on the site. Thanks.

  5. Brian said

    GI, a post detailing Korean rioting in the streets isn’t a bad idea, actually.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “latest news,” but I’ve been reading the LEaders Diiscussion forum as it’s the most active.

  6. thanks – I didn’t check the Leaders Discussion

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