m a r k a n d e y a


Posted by Brian on April 12, 2007

GovSim is similar to Superpower Classic, but a sim of the US government rather than the international community. I wonder if I have time to play both… 

UPDATE: Speaking of Superpower Classic, it seems I’ve been kicked from the game. My account is no longer active and my name has been removed from the Finland entry. That seems pretty harsh, considering I got zero warning and not even a “sorry, mate” email. I was in negotiations with Norway to create a Scandinavian University, spending time planning my military deployment, and digging up pictures and other details of Finland. Sure, I haven’t been spending as much time at the board lately, but that’s because the game hasn’t even officially started yet.

Maybe one of the other Superpower readers can inquire about it on my behalf.

DOUBLE UPDATE: After searching through some threads, it seems that there was some sort of purge as many one-time members are no longer active.


3 Responses to “GovSim”

  1. Andy said

    Let me state for the record that I had nothing to do with that.


    That was clearly a mistake (I will post on that somewhere) and Finland is still open. Perhaps you can reapply before the game gets too far along. It is on April 19 right now.

  2. Andy said

    I posted about your situation and they said you can rejoin if you want to.

    BTW, if you want to play in the third world, Veitnam is open.

  3. Brian said

    Thanks for the assistance, Andy, but I’m not sure I’m willign to give them a second chance. As you know, I take my gaming seriously, and I’m sure I could have been an enthusiastic member of the community if given the chance to play. But the way they kicked me out just pissed me off a bit. It’s their loss…

    Besides, GovSim looks a bit more interesting… I think I might give that a shot.

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