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Very disappointed…

Posted by Brian on April 18, 2007

I’m very disappointed in the advice some Kor-Am leaders are giving to the Kor-Am community in Seattle (link via the Marmot):

Korean leaders turned to local Korean media to speak to the community. At KOAM, a cable television program produced in Federal Way, the normal afternoon entertainment shows were scrapped. In their place was a discussion with Chanho Kwan, Korean consul general to Seattle, and Andrew Kim and Chung Yi, the presidents of the Korean associations of greater Seattle and Tacoma, respectively.

The men said Koreans should keep a low profile, refraining from going to the mall with lots of children, so as not to draw attention to themselves, said Shelley Ko, assistant director at KOAM.

Kim and Kwan seem to think that there are anti-Korean mobs with pitchforks and torches roaming American streets on the lookout for Koreans to lynch, which couldn’t be further from the truth. From everything I’ve seen and heard, most Americans don’t understand why Korean-Americans are apologizing for what the kid did. View the comments in response to the article above for some examples.

Telling local Korean-Americans to stay home and avoid going out is perhaps the worst sort of advice they could give. Now is a perfect time for Korean-Americans across the country to take a positive step towards integrating in their communites by joining their fellow Americans in grieving. Self-segregation only contributes to the idea of Korean-Americans being somehow isolated from the rest of society, which is not a good message to send after what happened at VT a few days ago.

The Hominid discusses the chimerical anti-Korea backlash here.

Charles makes some interesting remarks here.


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