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Getting it all wrong…

Posted by Brian on April 19, 2007

I have no idea where the Korea Times cartoonist came up with this piece:
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Granted, I’m in Korea now and haven’t seen a lot of American coverage of the event, but from what I have seen the issue of gun control has been one of the central issues surrond this unfortunate event. But more importantly, the only discussion I’ve seen of scapegoating Asian students has been here in the Korean media, who GI Korea believes actually wants race to be front and center in the debate so as to shift the focus away from the (Korean) shooter and to racism in America.

The cartoon above is deeply irresponsible.


2 Responses to “Getting it all wrong…”

  1. Eric said

    So far as I can tell – and we have been paying close attention due to a personal connection – there has been no scapegoating on a national level. Gun Control is the issue of choice.

    Check that – there is one minor scapegoat – one woman who he had stalked/annoyed had (a short time ago) not pressed charges once a report was filed. “He was just annoying is all,” was something she was quoted as saying.

    But Koreans aren’t being targeted in this area (or anyone else). Part of that is because 99.999% of Americans can’t tell the difference between Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese …

  2. Brian said

    Thanks for the comment, Eric. And welcome to my blog…

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