m a r k a n d e y a

The nonsense continues…

Posted by Brian on April 26, 2007

Korean actress Chang Jin-young is taking out a “personal safety” insurance policy while filming a new TV drama in America because of concerns about an anti-Korean backlash following the VT massacre.

Elsewhere, the Korea Times ran yet another article on how the VT shooting is having a profound effect on Asian and Asian-American students in America, particulary Korean students:

Senior Chung Jae-ryung said she remembered her roommate’s boyfriend’s reaction after the killer’s identity as a South Korean was revealed. He waited until his girlfriend’s classes ended and escorted her to her house by car.

“He told us we shouldn’t go to bars or crowded places at night,” Chung said. “He told us we should be careful.”

You know, I read this kind if stuff and I wonder just what sort of monsters they think American people are. To be honest, it makes me angry that they would assume the absolute worst about so many Americans.


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