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Screw Superpower Classic

Posted by Brian on May 3, 2007

Guanoisland comments on Superpower Classic in my comment section:

I was booted from SuperPower and Chile was reassigned to someone else … I have no idea why as I have even been participating on the threads and exchanged emails with other South American nations. That site is buggered as far as I am concerned.

That’s the second active player (that I know of) who has been booted from the game with no explanation. Add that to the constant “fucking newb” remarks directed at new players with the temerity to make a mistake or two and I have to say screw their site and their stupid game.


7 Responses to “Screw Superpower Classic”

  1. May I link this back to the game? If you don’t mind a possible nasty comment or two, they might need to hear this.

    (Not that I have the right to cast stones after what happend in the fantasy football league last year.)

  2. Brian said

    Yea sure… but I reserve the right to delete any comments that cross the line.

  3. Itake said

    No posts in 7 days, automatic deletion. Very simple, very easy.

  4. Itake – I didn’t see anything in the new players guide that says no posts in 7 days equals automatic deletion. A warning notice might be a more appropriate remedy. The disappointing thing was that Chile was all set to buy Jeju-do off South Korea for $1.50.

  5. Itake said

    Then you clearly didn’t read the guide. The guide says to read all the help files, and in the help files there are directions on how you should do when you go on LOA. Along with telling you to read the Game News forum, where there’s once again directions for going on LOA.

  6. For the record, I did not like back to this post. I didn’t have to since it is currently #3 on Google searches for “Superpower Classic.”

    I haven’t gotten the boot, although my addictive personality makes me post 3-5 times a week so it is not an issue. The game has been pretty intereting so far.

    On the other hand, I would agree that old timers can be a little hard on noobs, even by game forum standards.

  7. “link back to this post”

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