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Dunkin Donuts

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2007

It looks like there is a whistleblower at the Korean Dunkin Donuts:

Coffee and unsanitary donut?

Internet users have paid attention to a writing allegedly exposing a doughnut company’s unsanitary production process and the firm’s refutation against the claim.

The writing, titled “Truth About Dunkin Donuts,” was posted on a portal site “Daum,” by a person who said he has worked for the company’s subcontractor at a factory in Guro, western Seoul, for five years.

The writer claimed workers at the factory make doughnuts without washing their hands, or sometimes make doughnuts with dough that has fallen on the floor.

“We sometimes made doughnuts with ingredients that had passed the expiration date. We produced doughnuts with rust stains from old boilers for three months. Many machines and trays were rusty and we did not wash them thoroughly,” he claimed.

A few years ago I witnessed some DD employees unloading a donut delivery truck early in the morning. At one point, one of the guys dropped a tray of donuts on the sidewalk, resulting in donuts rolling across the ground. They simply picked up the donuts, put them back on the tray, and whisked them inside. Ughh!

Once again, it’s a Korea Times article so I can’t provide a link to it.


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  1. someone said

    Here’s a link to the Korea Times article.

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