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Sci-fi Cliches

Posted by Brian on May 6, 2007

After much prodding and encouragement from my friends, I began watching Heroes last night. The first show was pretty good, and my favorite moment was when Hiro was discussing time travel with his friend over drinks and he turned to one of the hoariest of sci-fi cliches to describe time travel as a “like a circle” rather than a straight line. I assume the writer was intentionally trying to be funny with that line, so I laughed with it rather than at it.

Anyway, it got me thinking about other sci-fi cliches and I googled upon this blogger who has a good list of them here and here. He hits all the classics, such as using robots to examine what it means to be human, theme planets (desert planet, jungle planet, etc.) and humanoid aliens (“hey, another race of ‘upright, bipedal, bilaterally symmetrical, four-limbed aliens.’ What are the odds?”).

Sci-fi is a wide open genre that is limited only by our imagination… it’s a shame that we see the same tropes again and again.


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