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Preference Bingo

Posted by Brian on May 9, 2007

I’m going to write about some of the games I’ve used in class that work pretty well. The first game I’m going to write about is called Preference Bingo.

Start by reviewing comparatives with your students. I then give them the pattern, “What do you prefer, A or B? I prefer X, because…” Encourage your students to use comparatives when comparing the two items. For example,

Teacher: What do you prefer, Burger King or McDonald’s?

Student: I prefer McDonald’s, because the food is cheaper.

Once comparatives and the basic patter are covered, you can move on to the game. Hand out a 5×5 bingo grid to your students (I make the middle square a freebie, but that’s optional). Now, the teacher should go through a list of 24 (or 25) “What do you prefer…?” questions, such as the one above. For example:

  •   What do you prefer, male teachers or female teachers?
  • Which actor do you prefer, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
  • What do you prefer, going to the beach or going to the mountains?

This list of questions should be prepared ahead of time.

As the questions are asked, the students should write their own answer in any space on their bingo grid. When all the questions are asked, each student should have his or her own unique bingo board with their own personal answers, and the game moves on to its next phase.

Now, the teacher will go through the same answers again, but this time ask each question to an individual student.  The student will answer, but should try to explain his answer as described above (“I think X is better because it is better/cheaper/nicer, etc.). That student, and every other student with the same answer, can check off that square. Go around the room asking the questions to individual students until someone has bingo and wins the game (I usually play it out to the end just for fun).

If you have any leftover time, you can use some of the questions as discussion topics, such as male teachers vs. female teachers (which is a good topic; I’ve found that men tend to prefer women and vice-versa).

It’s a good activity that helps students with comparatives and gives them a chance to get to know the other students better. I highly recommend it.


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