m a r k a n d e y a


Posted by Brian on May 22, 2007

One of my favorite passages from Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War:

As Fleischer recounted this exchange [a Q&A session btween Ari Fleischer and Helen Thomas] for the president, Bush’s mood changed, according to Levine. He grew grim and determined -steely. Out of nowhere, he unleashed a stream of expletives.

“Did you tell her I don’t like motherfuckers who gas their own people?” the president snapped.

“Did you tell her I don’t like assholes who lie to the world?”

“Did you tell her I’m going to kick his sorry motherfucking ass all over the Mideast?”

Do we have an actual president in the White House or merely a deranged frat boy? I can imagine him punctuating the above comments by smashing a beer can against his forehead.


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