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Posted by Brian on May 24, 2007

Bored with nothing to do, my friend John and I decided to give Nicholas Cage’s new movie, called Next, a shot. Based on a story by Phillip K. Dick and with a slight sci-fi feel to it, I figured it was worth a go on a night without much else to do. Unfortunately, a little bit of precognition on my part would have helped me avoid this mess. What an awful movie!

Cage plays himself, again, though his name in the movie his Cris Johnson (I really, really don’t understand why some people laud Cage as a gifted actor), only this time he has the ability to see up to 2 minutes into the future. The one exception to this rule is that he has some special connection with a woman named Liz (played by Jessica Biel), whose future he can read much further up the time stream. The movie demonstrates this gift by showing Cage’s character avoiding capture at a casino through a series of fortuitous near-misses that he’s able to engineer because he knows just where his pursuers will be.

With that established, the movie devolves into nonsense.

Jullianne Moore plays a gruff FBI agent who is on the hunt for a rogue nuclear device somewhere in the American southwest. After witnessing Johnson’s precognitive abilities in Vegas, she thinks his unique talent can aid her on her mission. Despite protests from her far more sensible superior, she struggles to get Johnson on her team, and eventually succeeds.

Meanwhile, and this makes zero sense to me, the nuke-toting terror group (a motley assortment of European and Russian thugs whose goal and motivations are never, ever explained) also catches wind of Johnson and somehow figures that he’s the one person standing in the way of detonating their nuke. This sets up a chase with Johnson and his new girl Liz on the run from both the feds and the terrorists.

At this point in the movie, I’m failing to understand why the feds think Johnson will be of any help. What? He’ll be able to give them a 2 minute heads up before the nuke goes off? Nor do I understand how the terrorists actually become aware of Johnson’s power and deciding that he’s the one thing standing in their way. Such simple questions plagued me for most of the movie.

Anyway, the terrorists captured Liz as some sort of move against Johnson, though I’m forgetting exactly why. Johnson reluctantly agreed to help the FBI track down the terrorists and the bomb, and then the audience has the rug pulled out from under them with a lame twist.

When the movie finally ended, my friend John loudly rejoiced. We both agreed that had it not been raining quite heavily outside, we would have left the movie early. The only good thing to result from this move is that while scanning over other online reviews of Next I stumbled upon this video clip of Jessica Biel in a bikini in another, obviously far more appealing, movie.


One Response to “Next”

  1. Jon Allen said

    I thought it wasn’t that bad. It’s better than the Denzil Washington Deja Vu movie.

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