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Fatherly Love

Posted by Brian on June 11, 2007

This is a lovely, heart-warming story (from the Korea Times):

A billionaire is openly hunting a son-in-law through the Internet.

According to Sunoo, a matchmaking company, a 68-year-old man who owns land and buildings worth 100 billion won in the affluent Gangnam area in Seoul has recently consulted with the company about his daughter. The father, with only two girls, asked it to select a man who would marry his 38-year-old daughter and be taken into the family.

Following the request, Sunoo made public the woman’s information and has been receiving applications from male members. More than 100 men applied for the “once in a lifetime” opportunity within two days of the advertisement being run.

The woman in question is a 38 year old Christian, of a “a-level” appearance and rather short height, according to Sunoo. After obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees at a college in the United States, she returned to Korea about two years ago and works as a professional in the art field.

The company said her yearly income is 60 million won and her own assets _ separate from her fathers’ _ reach 2 billion won.

The requirements for the son-in-law are simple: he should be smart, healthy and “good” and should be of the same religion.

But there are more complicated sub-conditions _ the man needs to earn enough money in his own right so as not to have to rely on the woman’s family; his parents should be in agreement with his decision; he should not be a first son or an only child who has to support his parents in the future; and he should have a similar level of work experience and education to the woman.

The company plans to select five men after receiving applications before June 15, and let the woman choose two of them to meet.

Personally, I find it offensive that a father would treat his daughter like a dog that needs a good home; that his daughter would agree to such an arrangement, as it implies she is utterly incapable of finding her own man; and that men would actually line up for such a demeaning exercise. This comment takes the cake, though:

But another user with the ID “bbakkong” said he did not think the idea was that bad, saying, “It is natural for the father, who accumulated that much fortune during his life, to want to have a good and able son-in-law.”

No matter what sort of offensive behavior the rich in Korea get up to, there’s always a contingent of aspiring snobs who play apologist by arguing that the rich, through their “hard work” and “business acumen,” are more than justified in behaving any way they damn well please.


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