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What Paris wants…

Posted by Brian on June 14, 2007

As if I wasn’t cynical enough (from Fox News):

Paris Hilton’s parents visited their daughter after breezing past others waiting to see loved ones — an incident that raised new complaints that the heiress is receiving special treatment.

The visit came less than a week after Hilton was reassigned to house arrest days after being jailed for violating parole. The 26-year-old celebrity was later ordered back to jail.

Alvina Floyd, one visitor to the at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, waited more than four hours to visit her fiance. It normally takes two hours, and Floyd, 20, blamed the Hiltons for the delay.

“I have to be at work later,” she said. “I can’t wait here all day.”

Shatani Alverson, 23, said she was hustled out of the jail’s visiting room moments after her husband walked in because of the Hiltons. She was told to come back after lunch.

Steve Whitmore, a sheriff’s spokesman, said it was routine for high-profile inmates to receive visitors during lunch, a time when the visiting room is normally cleared out and closed.

I propose we all just drop the silly pretense of pretending that the American justice system and fair and “blind.” Obviously, “special treatment” is available for a price, with a menu that includes early release, express-lane visits by powerful parents (at the expense of the common slob, of course), or literally getting away with murder like OJ Simpson.

This whole affair just makes me sick.


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