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Portrait of a lame singer

Posted by Brian on July 14, 2007

Have you heard of Junia, this new Korean singer making waves because of her angelic singing voice her skimpy pants and body? She certainly seems confident of herself as a singer, judging from these quotes from her:

  • “I’m proud of my ass.”
  • “I’m a woman with a cute ass.”
  • “My charming point is my ass.”
  • “I have great confidence in my ass.”

You’d think an aspiring singer would be more interested in showing off her pipes than her rear end, but then you’d be completely naive and ignorant about the current state of K-pop, a world where singers are competing to out-slut one another.

Her strained efforts to use sex to sell music remind me of Mina, the former World Cup girl. I’ve never actually met a Korean person who claims to be a fan of her or any of her songs, nor do I think I’ve ever heard any of her music. Nevertheless, her “fame” spikes once or twice a year when she poses online in some sexy outfits, only to fade away into virtual obscurity until she comes around again to shake her tits in our face (again). It’s quite pathetic.

The quotes above, as well as lots of pictures of Junia striking a number of poses straight out of soft-core porn, can be found here.

I mean, really, is this kind of pose absolutely neccessary:

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More dirty pics of Junia can be found here (if you’re into that sort of thing).


4 Responses to “Portrait of a lame singer”

  1. iheartblueballs said

    Given the choice between talentless, lip-syncing drones trying to be “cute” while waving around teddy bears and lollipops…and talentless, lip-syncing drones baring all kinds of flesh and trying to out-slut each other…give me the latter any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    If the music is going to suck balls either way, it’s far better to at least get a small amount of entertainment from the pop-tarts in the form of t-n-a.

    Watch a FINKL video from 98 and then watch a Lee Hyo Lee vid from 06. That’s an improvement, even if the music is equally shite.

  2. scott said

    I guess it’s hard to pass auditions these days in Korea if you aren’t either a straight-up whore with references from the finest Dallanjujoms, or a cute 15-year-old for the producers who get off on the young stuff.

    In the States our pop industry just goes for the straight-up sluts. This shows our moral superiority.

  3. bmk said

    I have to side with iheartblueballs on this one. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing wrong with women stripping to their own content. At least its entertainment.

    With that said, however, I think she (Junia) is busted as hell. Bring on the jailbait wonder girls instead.


  4. Brian said

    All I’m saying is that if she wants to shake her ass for us so badly than she should just do softcore porn and leave singing to the experts.

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