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“Kangnam mothers”

Posted by Brian on July 27, 2007

There’s a new Korean TV series called “Catch a Kangnam mother” on SBS. For those not familiar with Kangnam, it is the wealthy area to the south of the Han River that was developed after the war; the buildings are newer, the streets are straighter and wider, and it’s the playground for the wealthiest Seoulites.

Anyway, there’s a Chosun article about the show with one quote that caught my eye:

“Catch a Gangnam Mother” has created a storm of controversy among viewers by examining the differences between Kangnam and Kangbuk mothers in their approach toward their children’s education.

Kangbuk, OTOH, refers to the area of Seoul north of the river. It’s not exactly a ghetto or anything compared to the south, but its age shows in the architecture and its disorganized development patterns.

The line above caught my eye because I’m wondering what they are referring to when they mention the “differences” between Kangnam and Kangbuk mothers when it comes to raising their children. I’m guessing they are talking about the money Kangnam mothers have to throw around on their children, and are somehow equating this with loving their children “more” than other mothers. It’s an odious notion.

I don’t believe for a second that a poor mother from Kangbuk has any less hope for a quality education for her children.

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