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Not for the faint of heart…

Posted by Brian on July 30, 2007

I challenge you to find anything more gay (or is it gayer?) than the uber-gay K-pop videos that the Party Pooper has uncovered. Gay, gay, gay gay, gay.

5 Responses to “Not for the faint of heart…”

  1. Brian,

    Speaking of gay, I would like to invite you to join the new season of IKKFL football. Considering what I did last year, I would not be shocked at getting a “f you” but I thought I would at least give you the chance to say yes or no directly.

    It is a keeper league but we have 1 to 3 open teams. You can have the pick on the litter on August 8.

  2. Brian said


    After what happened last time, no thanks.

  3. Fair enough.

  4. Iceberg said

    Come on, Brian. Accidents happen. Forgive and forget. It’ll be fun.

  5. Brian said

    Iceberg, No thanks… I was booted from a league without so much as a friendly warning… that’s not the kind of league I want to take part in.

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