m a r k a n d e y a

Oh, the cynicism…

Posted by Brian on August 14, 2007

From Naked Villainy, via the Big Ho:

Of course, no candidate would agree to this debate format. Do you know why? Because not a single candidate out there could actually string together a cogent 30-minute statement on a single topic. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Rudy Giuliani speaking on their plan for Iraq for a full 30 minutes? Your Maximum Leader can’t. Well, that isn’t exactly true. He can imagine them speaking in platitudes and obfuscations for 20 minutes and rephrasing the sound bite of their position on Iraq for 10 minutes. He can’t imagine them starting off with their own assessment of the situation in Iraq, then moving to a point by point analysis of what they would do to “solve” Iraq if they were elected.

Yet another casualty of the reign of President Halfwit Hotspur is our faith in the intellectual prowess of our elected officials. I in fact can imagine Edwards, Clinton, or Obama, all highly intelligent people with excellent communication skills, speaking at length and off the cuff on the situation in Iraq and what to do about it. The dems have several good candidates with real intellectual firepower to bear on the problems we face. The repubs, OTOH, offer three candidates who don’t believe in evolution… I can’t help but wonder where they stand on the theory of gravity.


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