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Las Vegas

Posted by Brian on August 22, 2007

My wife and I will be going to Las Vegas early next month for a much needed vacation. Some things I plan on doing:

  • Play 7-card stud at a real table with real players (I prefer stud games to hold ’em).
  • Hit the town in my new ivory-colored linen suit.
  • Convince my wife to wear something a little bit sexier than she is used to… skirt a little bit shorter or pants a little bit tighter. What happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas.
  • Spend a lot of time at the pool (we’ll be staying at Caesar’s Palace).
  • Buffets, buffets, buffets.

I leave Korea on September 1st, then go to Las Vegas shortly after that, then start grad school in late September.


4 Responses to “Las Vegas”

  1. Vegas baby, Vegas!

    I HIGHLY recommend that you listen to Five Hundy by Midnight podcast.

    A married couple discussing all things Vegas. It will get fired up for your trip and give you some useful information on your stay in sin city. got to love, las vegas

  2. Eric F. said

    … wife?

  3. Brian said

    Yea, we got married in a simple, quiet ceremony shortly before I left. We didn’t publicize it much, but I guess the cat is out of the bag now:)

  4. Kevin Kim said

    I kinda thought I’d missed something, too, Brian. Congratulations. And now that I’m back on Facebook, I see the pics of you and the Missus (whom I must have met that one time I went to your game cafe). You’re a lucky man.

    Or maybe it wasn’t luck!



    PS: Safe trip back to the States.

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