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To the person who stole my wallet…

Posted by Brian on August 30, 2007

You know you’re nestled down in the bottom dregs of humanity when you sneak into people’s rooms at night while they are sleeping and steal their valuables. You do realize this, don’t you?

 I don’t care about the money you stole from me… a whopping 30,000W. Have fun with it… but it’s your loss as you’ll never be able to steal enough money to buy back your humanity.

I am quite upset about losing some items that had sentimental value to me. There’s a picture of my wife as a young college student that was the first picture she ever gave me. I know… it’s meaningless to you, but worth a lot to me. It’s gone now…

I had to spend a good amount of time, time I could have spent packing for my trip home or saying goodbye to friends, cancelling my bank cards and filling a police report. You stole that from me too.

And should any of the boxes of items I sent back home via the Korean post get lost… well, I no longer have my receipts to show ownership. Thanks for that, too.

Waking up this morning and finding my wallet gone reminded me of a couple of guys we met in Thailand who woke up to find their cell phones gone. Fortunately for them, the theives had enough of a code of honor to leave the phones’ sim cards behind as they were of no use or value. You, OTOH, lack even that much courtesy and couldn’t be bothered to just take the cash and drop my wallet at the front door. You had to take everything and leave me nothing. 

And just when I was starting to regain my faith in the good nature of people after being the victim of an abusive psycho a few years ago, you go and shatter it all again, leaving me wondering just who I can trust in this messed up world.

You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being…


3 Responses to “To the person who stole my wallet…”

  1. Paula said

    Oh, I understand. I, too, was a victim of a home invasion a few years ago in a “work-given” apartment here. They wrecked the place, stole my gold jewelry, cd player, and credit card hidden in a desk drawer. People are always lurking, waiting for you. I was stalked no less than 4 times in the past 3 years, and the last time, the police did nothing, but shoo him away. Friggers.
    Sorry, B., but I bet that jerk will not be reading your blog. 😡

  2. Kevin Kim said

    Sorry to hear about this, man.


  3. Joey said

    Man, that sucks.

    I’m sorry you’ve had your wallet stolen.

    I can only imagine how much of a pain it is. . .

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