m a r k a n d e y a

Lesson (not) learned…

Posted by Brian on September 10, 2007

I’m glad to see that some members of the Korean-American community have learned their lesson from the recent Korean hostage-taking in Afghanistan. In response to the South Korean government banning Korean nationals from proselytizing there, one local Kor-Am church is already looking for ways to circumvent the move:

The ban has spurred Onnuri Church, a Korean evangelical church in Bothell, to think creatively about its missionaries. Some church members are South Korean citizens, and others are U.S. citizens, said Jimmy Jun, the church’s missions pastor.

“It may be a good time to send Korean American people who are allowed legally to work there,” he said. “That might be our new focus.”

After the deaths of two Korean missionaries, the extended detainment of 19 other Koreans, weeks of international political turmoil, and allegations of shadowy pay-offs to the Taliban regime for the release of the South Koreans, this local church still isn’t ready to write off Afghanistan as a lousy choice for missionary work. Far from re-thinking the whole crazy idea (“yes, let’s send unarmed missionaries into a lawless, dangerous, warlord-controlled  country with a strong streak of Islamic fundementalism to preach about the Bible”), one church is eyeing ways to make a end-run around the South Korean ban by waving their American passports around. But even if they are not Korean nationals, their appearance will no doubt make them juicy targets for further kidnappings, especially in light of South Korea’s capitulation to terror tactics and willingness to deal with such scum. 

I just don’t understand some people.


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