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Just when you thought…

Posted by Brian on October 11, 2007

Just when you thought the American conservative movement could sink no lower than mocking people with disabilities and wearing fake “Purple Heart” band-aids, they’ve proven there is even lower to sink through their swift-boating of a frickin 12 year old.

Graeme Frost thinks the SCHIP program is a good thing, as it helped him and his sister survive a horrible car crash.  The right’s response? If you thought they might respond to his arguments with facts and reason, you’re sadly mistaken. Instead, they turned to their usual methods of character assasination by ripping the poor kid, his family, spreading lies about them, and – and I mean this most literally – stalking them. 

Crooks and Liars has a quote from an individual involved in the story:

“What these right wing bloggers and some of their Republican friends in Washington have done to this family is simply unconscionable. Instead of attacking the issue, they decided to attack a 12-year old boy. This entire smear campaign by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and their allies has been a perverse distraction from the issue at hand – the plight of millions of uninsured children in this country. It also needs to be remembered that the Frosts were viciously attacked for simply speaking their minds and voicing their support for the SCHIP program that was so instrumental in saving the lives of their children. From the Frosts’ perspective, what could be more American?

And note we’re not talking about behavior by a few anonymous online commentators; according to Think Progress, “serious” conservative voices such as Michelle Malkin, The National Review, Wizbang, Powerline, and the Weekly Standard have all contributed to the shit being thrown at this family. Ms. Malkin herself has descended to the level of a stalker and has harrassed the father’s co-workers as part of her effort to crack this “story” wide open. Unfortunately for this unhinged mob of haters-of-12-year-olds-recovering-from-comas, the “dirt” they dug up was shown to be false. Time magazine reports:

It turns out, however, that not everything about the Frosts’ life pops up on a Google search. While Graeme does attend a private school, he does so on scholarship. Halsey Frost is a self-employed woodworker; he and his wife say they earn between $45,000 and $50,000 a year to provide for their family of six. Their 1936 rowhouse was purchased in 1990 for $55,000. It was vacant and in a run-down neighborhood that has improved since then, in part because of people like themselves who took a chance. It is now assessed at $263,140, though under state law the value of that asset is not taken into account in determining their eligibility for SCHIP. And while they are still uninsured, they claim it is most certainly not by choice. Bonnie Frost says the last time she priced health coverage, she learned it would cost them $1,200 a month.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this turn of events. After all, I’ve seen all sorts of offensive behavior, from Rush mocking a person with Parkinson’s,  to Ann Coulter accusing family members of the 9-11 attacks as “enjoying” the deaths of their husbands, to Kerry getting swift-boated by a pack if liars and Rethuglican delegates mocking his Purple Heart medals by wearing Purple Heart band-aids. They engage in such behavior because their side accepts it, because they hate liberals, progressives, and democrats, and even 12-year old kids who probably don’t even have their own established political philosophy, but just want to be an advocate for a program that helped them. It’s like the 2-minute hate, only 24-7.

There’s a real ugly streak in the American conservative movement as demonstrated by the moral degenerates who are at the forefront of it, and frankly, I’m glad I’m not a part of it. I will happily accept the fringe elements of the left, who at their worst might be guilty of holding up some offensive placards at some small rally on some obscure college campus somewhere; just keep the likes of Rush, Coulter, Malkin, and O’Reilly far, far away from me.


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