m a r k a n d e y a

My Wallet…

Posted by Brian on October 19, 2007

As I posted about earlier, my wallet was stolen 2 days before leaving Korea and after after I resigned myself to never seeing it again, I received an email message from the American Embassy in Seoul telling me that someone found it on the street and returned it to the SHinchon police station, who gave it to the embassy people. Well, to finish the story, I received it in the mail today.

What’s in it?

Too my surpise and great delight, everything was in it except for the money. I got back all my credid cards (cancelled now, of course), my social security card, my collection of stamp cards from a number of businesses, and, most importantly, my pictures of my wife.  As I thought, someone simply swiped the money and tossed the wallet aside.

Another bit of good news is that I finally received the final box that I sent from Korea. I’m always a bit nervous when I ship stuff home from Korea, but I’ve had good luck so far with everything arriving in pretty good shape.


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