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Flag Football

Posted by Brian on October 28, 2007

So I signed up for our school’s co-ed flag football team for a bit of exercise. We played our first game last weekend and let me tell you, it was a huge physical challenge. I don’t remember the last time I put my body through the ringer like that over the course of an hour. I was stiff, slow, and out of shape. So bad, in fact, that I spent most of the game just rushing and blocking, two roles that don’t require a lot of speed. My personal highlight moment was when I called a specific play for a successful TD pass to myself. As I spent most fo the time blocking on offense, I figure if I faked blocking for a moment than drifted out for a short pass into the TD I would be ignored… and I was right. Our QB lobbed me the ball and I caught it for 6 points, falling down in the process, of course (something I did alot of that day). We ended up losing that game though. For the next day or two, I could barely walk.

We played again today and this time we had an excess of players so I was only able to play for about 6 minutes. I know I’m probably something of a liability to me my team because of the shape I’m in, but I signed up for the league for exercise. It was a bit disappointing to have to stand on the sidelines and watch. But still, we barely won today after some very sketchy play calling on our part late in the game.

I showed up early today to exercise and practice a bit before the game. Even just lightly warming up, I could feel the strain it was putting on my body. Even a simple jog and catch would leave me limping and out of breath. It sucks getting old.

THe age issues reminded me of one of the challenges being a grad student at my age: a distinct age gap between me and most of my classmates. It’s a bit awkward getting to know everybody.


2 Responses to “Flag Football”

  1. I pulled a hammy when I last played flag football, and that was when I was 20.

  2. Anthony said

    Good for you, Brian. That must be the first time you have exercised since the 80s!

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