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Some things are more important than freedom and democracy…

Posted by Brian on November 8, 2007

From today’s David Broder:

I found during a visit to New Delhi that happened to coincide with the crisis in the subcontinent that Indians were both puzzled and dismayed that the United States government seemed so ambivalent in its reaction to Musharraf’s actions. The Indian press reported, along with U.S. journals, that the Bush administration had sent urgent messages to Musharraf counseling him against the crackdown.

But when he ignored their advice and declared martial law, President Bush and the State Department offered only the mildest reprimands and immediately signaled a willingness to continue to support Musharraf and his regime.

To many here, that appeared as if democracy was less important to the American government than whatever help Musharraf might supply in fighting the Taliban and al-Qaida in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

You’ve got to be a complete fucking idiot to believe that George W. Bush really and truely believes in spreading democracy and freedom around the globe.

Of course, he’s not the first president who can’t walk the walk, but I think the sheer blatantness of it all this time around is what is so shocking and dismaying.


One Response to “Some things are more important than freedom and democracy…”

  1. Angus said

    What I find so dismaying is the continued free pass and benefit of the doubt that so much of the media has given Bush and his crew. In particular those trained seals in the White House press corp. Talk about dereliction of duty.

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