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The Republican Presidential Debate

Posted by Brian on November 29, 2007

I worked up the courage yesterday to watch the Republican Presidential debate. HEre are a few thoughts:

  • I find it funny how they stand up there and rail against out of control spending and a bloated government as if the government was run by some shadowy, unknown agency. The current state of affairs is the result of a Republican administratiion, and the people who applauded all this talk about curtailing spending and shrinking down the size of the government are the same people who voted for Bush twice.
  • Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter might as well have been in the audience… neither received much attention.
  • I find Ron Paul to be a real novelty. It’s as if he was frozen back in the early eighties and was thawed out recently only to discover that his party, formerly the party of Reagan and Goldwater, has mutated into some ugly charicature of its former self. He’s what a  conservative used to be, before the party was hijacked by the Christian right and the neo-cons.
  • I had a very bad impression of Mitt Romney due to his constant efforts to weasel out of a question (such as his last question about the confederate flag). However, he does strike me as a politician who just might have been genetically engneered. He’s tall, handsome, and has nice hair with just a  touch of gray on the sides, giving him an air of wisdom.
  • I’m sorry, but Guiliani just comes across as creepy. In light of his personal background, I don’t understand why he is doing so well among the republican voters.
  • I had a very good impression of Huckabee. He came across as very calm and thoughtful, which serves him well when standing side by side with all the other angry candidates.
  • McCain didn’t do very well in my eyes. It’s kind of sad, in a way, since back in 2000 he seemed much more fiery and ready for the office. Unfortunately, he feel victim to the Bush/Rove slime machine and hasn’t been the same since. I did, however, appreciate his criticism of waterboarding, another issue that Romney tried to weasel out of. 
  • As for Fred Thompson, I really have no idea. Nothing about him or his candidacy strikes me as particularly interesting.
  • The Weekly Standard isn’t happy with CNN’s choice of questioners: “So, a good night for for the lowest denominator, a bad night for the GOP. America got to see a vaguely threatening parade of gun fetishists, flat worlders, Mars Explorers, Confederate flag lovers and zombie-eyed-Bible-wavers as well as various one issue activists hammering their pet causes.” I didn’t watch the Democratic You Tube debate so I wonder if we saw a similar parade of odd characters.
  • Michelle Malkin is enraged (but of course) over the “plants” who asked the questions. And here I thought all Americans were invited to send in videos with question.

UPDATE: I got this email from Red State this afternoon:

RedState is calling for CNN to fire Sam Feist, their political director; and David Bohrman, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of the debate.

During last night’s debate, which CNN billed as “a Republican debate, and the goal was to let Republican voters see their candidates,” CNN either knowingly or incompetently allowed hardcore left wing activists to plant questions and Anderson Cooper willingly gave one of those activists a soapbox so he could harass the Republican candidates about military policy.

Simple googling would have revealed these left wing activists.  

Had CNN done its homework, this would not have happened.  They either willfully let it happen, or incompetently bungled it.  Either way, heads should roll.

Likewise, we hope one or more of the GOP Presidential candidates will call for a do-over debate on substantive policy issues.

You can read our Directors post here. 

Apparently, they had no problem with Bush’s cousin running the election desk at Fox News back on 2000, but I digress.

Anyway, I don’t understand the hubbub here. Was it in the rules somwhere that those asking the questions needed to be republicans? Obviously, if that point was in the rules or guidelines somwhere, then perhaps they have a case. If not, I don’t think CNN has any sort of special opbligation to vet each and every submission to make sure the individual is not a fucking liberal who hates America and wants the terrorists to win.


One Response to “The Republican Presidential Debate”

  1. Tony C. said

    I don’t think Ron Paul is that great. There have been recent revelations regarding his nutty racist views, for example. Of course, that fits in with the Republicans’ infamous “southern strategy.”

    The only people who would stoop to membership in the Republican party are those who are either stupid, evil, incompetent, or some combination thereof.

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