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More election stuff…

Posted by Brian on December 3, 2007

Here’s another article on the Iowa-first fiasco. Iowa is whiter, older, and far more invested in corn agriculture than the rest of the country, yet they are given the privilege of being the first to winnow the field for the rest of us.

Elsewhere, here’s an article on the Republican scam to take a chunk of California’s electoral votes:

They have launched a campaign called California Counts, and they are trying to secure a statewide referendum in June to implement their plan. They want California’s electoral votes to be divvied up not on a big statewide basis, but according to the much smaller congressional districts. The practical result? Instead of all the state’s 54 Electoral College votes going to the Democratic candidate, around 20 would go to the Republicans.

If you have ever wondered just why I have a beef with the Republican party, this is an excellent example why. This is not about a fairer system… it’s a naked power grab to help them steal the 2008 election because they know the Republican name is toxic.


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