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Posted by Brian on December 16, 2007

I gotta admit, I’m enjoying watching the slow and well-deserved implosion of the Republican Party. The president’s support is down to Jimmy Carter-levels, they lost control of congress, many on the right are watching with horror the rise of Huckabee, their establishment candidate is a wealthy flip-flopper ala John Kerry (I hope all those anti-Kerry types held on to their flip-flops), and polls are indicating that regardless of who the GOP candidate is next November he’ll be clobbered by a democrat. Such an unfortunate turn of events couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch.

The president is toast. There is no way he can possible salvage anything close to a political accomplishment that would mark his presidency as mediocre rather than a complete failure. The world hates us, Iraq is a mess, the economy is tanking, the adminstration is buried under scandal after scandal, Bin Laden is *still* on the loose, and the deficit is ballooning. Mission accomplished, I say! History books will judge this president harshly for not only his incompetence but also for his cynical and un-American expoitation of fear as a political weapon. He more or less terrorized the electorate into giving him a second term, and now a good number of Americans are regretting that vote. I hate to say I told you so…

Huckabee is surging because of the Christian right, who seem to be finally waking up to the lip service so often given to their issues by GOP candidates with very little to actually show for it. Sure, Bush gave them their little “faith-based” bone, but as John Cole reminds us, they were viewed as pliant soldiers who voted dependably “but that was the extent of their usefulness” according to David Kuo, former Bush staffer. The problem is that the GOP has spent so much time, effort, and money pandering to the religious right over the years that every candidate is now beholden to them. That’s why Republican debates look like prayer meetings, with every candidate trying to out-Jesus the others. This was quite foreseeable, so it’s suprising that conservatives like Rich Lowry and Charles Krauthammer would now show concern about this trend. You made your bed, gentlemen, not lie in it.

Meanwhile, the establishment is desperately trying to get their man Mitt back to the front. Funny how flip-flopping is the greatest of sins when a Dem does it, but it’s OK for Mitt to waffle, straddle, and take both sides of just about every issue. Now he’s stuck pandering to the same religious-types who look with disdain  upon his religious views. Mitt, your friends in the fight for religious diversity are not the fundies, but the secular and progressive left because we, not them,  believe in the right of every American to follow his or her own religious convictions.

Anyway, barring a Hillary nomination (or another case of out-and-out election theft), it looks like come a year from now I’ll still be celebrating a democratic victory. I know, I know… it’s early. But still, the tide seems to have turned and everything is in place for a total and complete rejction of all things republican. Perhaps some time in the political wilderness will force the Republican party to do some soul-searching and question how they went from being the party of Goldwater and Reagan to Bush and Huckabee.


One Response to “Schadenfreude”

  1. Anthony said

    I am curious where this deep-seated interest you have in politics will take you over the next few decades.

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