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Lee Myung-bak

Posted by Brian on December 19, 2007

Well, it looks like the GNP finally has their dirty little mitts on the South Korean presidency: Lee Myung-bak won the South Korean election.

The expression “lesser of two evils” is often tossed around during elections, but really, this year’s choice was clearly a case of settling on the candidate that turned your stomach the least.

President-elect Lee is a former right-hand man of Hyundai founder Chung Ju-young, making him utterly tainted by all the dirt that Chung did. He’s a cornerstone of the establishment base, and will no doubt do everything the chaebols want him to do. No doubt that Chung, who ran for president but lost in 1992 and passed away in 2001, his celebrating from his grave, as a pro-business, pro-Hyundai politician/businessman finally gets to call the shots from the Blue House.

Not that the alernatives were much better. Chung Dong-young of the whatever-the-name-his-party-is-this-week party has long pissed me off because of his constant kow-towing to North Korea. The third candidate, Lee Hoi-chang, who I didn’t even know was running until a few weeks ago, is a two-time loser with his own ethical issues from previous campaigns.

Roh Mu-hyun hasn’t been all that great as a president, but at least I could support him as an outsider who didn’t go to the same schools and didn’t have the same business ties as the other candidates

Anyway, despite my disappointment in the losers offered to the Korean voters this year, I must admit their system is a model of sanity compared to the election system here in America. They use a radical popular vote model, meaning that the candidate who gets the most votes wins (I know… revolutionary). Furthermore, the official election system runs for about a month, which keeps the cost of running down. And election day is a holiday, which I imagine contributes to greater voter turnout.

As always, the Marmot’s Hole as more on the election.


3 Responses to “Lee Myung-bak”

  1. chae said

    Dear Editors:

    Special Protection needed for the Korean President-elect Myung Bak Lee and other political leaders from the political enemies.

    Greetings in the Christmas season.

    I am appreciative your report on the Korean President-elect Myung Bak Lee. Korea should be happy to have a hardworking new president.

    According to a news report this morning, the opposition Pakistan Leader Benazir Bhutto is assassinated at a political rally.

    In the light of this tragic news, I wish to remind the Editors that your office should warn the South Korean public and the government officers to re-enforce the existing protection plan for the Korean political leaders from the radicals, political enemies, communists or mentally deranged elements in the society in this emotional political season, especially the President-elect Myung Bak Lee down to the National Assembly leaders in action are needed a special protection.

    At this emotionally hate filled political season, a heavy responsibilities to keep law and order are on the shoulders of the government officers and the hate mongers. The South Korea should not forget that she still needs to keep the watchful eyes to North Korean communists until they really reveal a sincere political reconciliation and abandon the hostile policy to the South as the North still is on the record as an enemy.

    The South Korea needs strong support from the free presses like yours to have a better government under the new leadership in coming days, moths and years.

    The South should be a model nation to the free world which created by the help of the member nations of UN after defeating the communist aggression.

    She needs the continued advice and support of the free press so that Koreans can have an ideal, clean, good and strong government.

    May God bless you all.

    Chae S. Sone
    Hicksville, New York, USA

  2. January 24, 2008
    Thought for President Lee of Korea

    The continuing political crisis in Pakistan seems to have made the American political leaders would not rule out American forces in Pakistan in order to safe the nuclear facilities.

    This political urgency eventually affect upon South Korean political perspectives too.
    It is imperative for free nations in the area to help Pakistanis to live in peace as a nation with nuclear bombs.

    South Korea has an uncertain future for the relations with nuclear North.

    In this political environment, President Lee as a peace maker, would propose that UN organization should intervene in the effort to safeguard the Pakistanis nuclear weapon so that they would not fall into the terrorists. An adverse political change
    Could engulf Asian nations into horrible destructions in the region.

    If UN intervenes in the protection of Pakistani nuclear weapons, it would, hopefully, soften North Korea’s unyielding leaders too. Southeast Asian leaders could help the United States’ position in the area for sake of peace which is the paramount requirement at this moment of history.

    President Lee should initiate this diplomatic move timely manner.
    His leadership could, eventually, lead the extremists in the region come to them in terms of peace which could bring shining prosperities to all the nations involved.

    Eventually North should come to us in terms of peace.

    Please remember Russia is part of Asia.

    In the way, President Lee could create a new landscape for the Asian nations in this region. At the same time this new landscape would bring unlimited benefits to
    South and North Korea as well. The hopeful but heavy days are ahead of your leadership.

    It is a piece of my thought for Korea.

    May God bless you.

    Chae S. Sone


  3. chae sone said

    Our scientific knowledge is very limited and there are many diseases which our medical science could not eliminate or cure- some illness can be cured, cannot cured or just loose one’s life to it.

    The Korean mass demonstration against the beef and eventually against the Lee government is very dangerous tactics which are damaging the Korea’s economy immensely, most beneficial to stupid anti lee politicians, eventually Kim Joong Ill dreamers.

    Their actions are excessive and very harmful to Koreans and the Korean images which display irrationality of Korean people.

    Don’t we have any decent educators or scientists who could explain the status of mad cow disease control techniques to the Korean people? If the college student demonstrators are smart enough, try to seek fair solutions to the problem, getting help from our own scholars, scientists and government officials.

    If they really don’t like the beef, just don’t buy it and don’t eat.

    If they antagonize the trade relations with US, South Korea could hurt her national economy immensely. If you continue the stupid emotional demonstrations to destroy the Lee government, that is a great opportunity for the North Korean communist to walk down to South and join the mass. In that case, do you think the United States Army would fight for you stupid demonstrators against the North. You must understand South has only a tinny part of her small territory now. Didn’t see how Mr, Lee look so small when he met with the Chinese President Hu jin Tau.

    South become so prosperous with the aid from the US. So you can now have a choice to east the beef or not to eat under the circumstances. Do you think If the North walks down to South, could they feed you better beef?

    Allow the government to find a best way to deal with the beef problems. Do you think demonstrators could resolve the problem? If
    you don’t respect the law and order of your own free society, who would help you? If your demonstration had sent your sincere messages to the government, it would try to resolve the problem for the best interest of the Korean people. Don’t let the ghost of mad cow kill your country, Korea.

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