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Some letters in today’s paper…

Posted by Brian on December 26, 2007

A couple of letters in the Everett Herald this morning caught my eye. First:

The Friday letter addressing “liberalism” got my attention. Jesus was a liberal? I don’t think so. His philosophy, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life,” is a conservative philosophy in my book.

Now, it’s been 10 years since I studied comparative religion at the University of Washington, but from what I do remember, I don’t recollect “give a man of fish…” as being Jesus’ philosophy. I thought maybe the writer was mixing up that (Chinese) proverb with the story of Jesus passing out fish and bread to the “multitudes.” So I did some googling and found that several people actually believed that line to be straight out of the bible, while others echoed the sentiments in the quote above. I guess I skipped over the part of the Gospels where Jesus told the lepers, the sick, and the possessed to find a job, get off welfare, and to take better care of themselves.

Second, there’s this letter:

Let’s try another way to get Hillary to answer questions. If time to prepare gets her to respond, let’s give her a week or so to get answers together, and ask her some real questions, like these:

1. Consider that as far back as 1996, and as recently as this year, communist China has slipped you and Bill bags of cash (literally, in one case). Also consider that they did so risking the ire of good Americans, for these contributions are against the law. So, we would like to know, why would they take such risks to get you and Bill back into the White House? What is going on between you and China?

2. Please tell us who you spent the summer of 1972 interning for in California.

3. Do you count the time you defended the Black Panthers in your “35 years of experience working for children”? The woman they murdered had kids too.

Wouldn’t these be more newsworthy than the prattle she and the press have exchanged to date?

I had thought I had heard all of the right-wing smears against the Clintons, but this was news to me. So again, some more googling revealed that she did some intern work for a “radical” bay-area law firm that took on clients such as communists, draft dodgers, and militant civil rights activisits. The horror! The New York Sun has a piece on that period here.

I also like the way the writer brings up her intern work in 1972 while at the same time accusing the media of focusing on “prattle.” Yes, nothing is more important to American voters than the internship Hillarcy Clinton had in 1972!


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