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The Candidates

Posted by Brian on January 3, 2008

Before the field is cut down by the politically astute Iowan caucas goers, here’s my take on the candidates on the Democratric side (from top to bottom):

  1. John Edwards: I believe Edwards gives the Dems the best possible chance of winning come November. He’s smart, experienced, white, male, and from the south. But more importantly, I like his populist message and believe him when he says he will fight for the poor and middle class.
  2. Joe Biden and Chris Dodd: I like both of these senior senators. They come across as dignified and presidential, much more than ther other candidates. Both would make a good president; but should that fail, I hope to see them get a top position in a new, Democratic administration.
  3. Dennis Kucinich: A loony leftist? Perhaps… but he’s the only candidate who strikes me as progressive with a capital “P.”
  4. Barack Obama: While I do like Obama and can understand the fuss, I just think he’s too inexperienced at this point. He would make a great vice-president pick, however.
  5. Bill Richardson: I see Governor Richardson on TV and just can’t understand why he is going through the motions. He just doesn’t seem as serious, experienced, and qualified as the rest.
  6. Hillary Clinton: If Clinton wins the primaries the democratic party, and the country, are doomed. I just can’t see her winning the general election. But more importantly, she’s too close to the right, for my tastes. Plus, I’m sick to death of Bushes and Clintons.

How will Iowa shake out? From everything I have read, it looks like Edwards will come out on top. HE has a solid level of support as a first-choice candidate, but also does well as a second-choice player, which I’m told is quite critical in Iowa’s overly complicated and senseless caucus system.

On the Republican side… well, I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a political party offer up such a collection of clowns in my life. I feel sorry for any republican who has to choose from among this crop. The only candidate that strikes me as somewhat credible is Ron Paul, and that’s because of his old-school republican charm.  


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