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With New Hampshire drawing near…

Posted by Brian on January 7, 2008

Tomorrow, the “fiercely independent” voters of New Hampshire get their chance to buck convention, do their own thing, and give the little guys in this years election a chance to shine due to the state’s “unique brand” of retail politics. Imagine my surprise, however, when I learned that Obama was surging across a number of polls in NH following his Iowa victory. Surely, the New Hampshire voters –  much more serious about their electoral duties than the rest of us lazy schmoes – wouldn’t resort to bandwagon jumping. But alas, the same trend came through in both 2004 and 2000, with the democrat who won in Iowa getting a huge bump and also winning in New Hampshire. I guess the New  Hampsherites aren’t nearly as independent and open-minded as they claim to be. With Iowa in the bag and a commanding lead in New Hampshire for tomorrow’s primary, many people are saying Obama has the nomination sewn up; in other words, one state out of fifty has voted and we’ve allready determined the winner. Ridiculous…

Anyway, on the Republican side, it looks like McCain will win in New Hampshire, as he did on 2000. Romney, despite his huge victory in the Wyoming primary, appears to be in a bad spot. He caught it from all sides in the republican debate the other night, giving me the distinct impression that there is some degree of animosity towards him among the other candidates because of his enormous personal wealth and the impression that he is trying to “buy” this election. Were Huckabee not in the race, the nperhaps Romney would be able to attract some of the fundie vote; but as it is, he seems to be an early odd man out, despite his wealth.

I’m still cheering for Edwards on the democratic side. I think he did very well in the debate the other night. Obama and Clinton did well too, though I thought Bill “Final Four” Richardson was embarrassingly bad and totally out of his league. It took a lot of nerve for a guy coming out of Iowa with low single digits to criticize the other candidates for not being “civil” during a heated discussion. Bill, they are (realistically) fighting for the presidency, while you seem to be on board for the purpose of, well… I don’t know. BTW, the soviet union hasn’t existed for some 15 or so years. Look it up at Wikipedia.

I’m still not sold on the viability of Obama as a national candidate. To be perfectly honest, I think his race will have a negative impact on his chances in the election, especially in light of the republican smear machine. Mind you, I expect all sorts of innuendo, whisper campaigns, swift-boating, and outright lies to spring up from the rabid right no matter who the dem candidate is, but given Obama’s name and ethnic background, their job is made that much easier.


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