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Ron Paul

Posted by Brian on January 12, 2008

I was watching the Republican debate in South Carolina last night and you know… Ron Paul is the only guy up there making a lick of sense. Sure, some of his domestic policy plans are loopy, but as far as foreign policy views go, I find myself agreeing with him more than any other candidate – including the dems, even!

The best moment came when he was asked about being electable. He responded by making the point that he didn’t understand why a fiscally conservative Republican who stresses individual liberty and a foreign policy free of eccessive entanglements such as himself would somehow be labeled “unelectable” in the Republican party because of those views. After, fiscal conservatism, individual liberty, and a strong but humble foreign policy used to be core platforms in the Republican party.

The sad truth for Ron Paul is that his party has moved so far to the right that his views come off as old-fashioned and antiquated. The modern republican point-of-view is that fiscal conservatism only matters when the dems are in office, that civil liberties should take a back seat to national security concerns, and why the hell should America not be allowed to arrogantly push and shove its way around the world.


One Response to “Ron Paul”

  1. Tony C. said

    One problem, though is that some of his old-fashioned views include moronic views re the Civil War, slavery, and race relations. Also, his libertarian “a free market will regulate itself away from crises like global warming and worker abuse trending downward toward feudalism” are just plain fucking crazy. The guy’s a lunatic. I wouldn’t vote for him, or any pro-oligarchy candidate, which includes, uhm, all of the Republicans, plus Hilary Clinton and probably Barack Obama.

    PS: Isn’t “Barack” a character from Mortal Kombat? 😉

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