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Colorado Evangelicals…

Posted by Brian on January 24, 2008

I stumbled upon this quote while reading an article on C0lorado Evangelicals and their political tendencies this year:

“What about the Democrats?” I asked. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been making overtures to churchgoers. Brendle laughed and said he’d seen it before. He was in a meeting with John Kerry in 2004 in which the Democratic candidate pulled a tiny New Testament from his pocket to prove his piety. Nobody bought it then, Brendle said, and it wouldn’t sell this year, either.

“If Hillary has suddenly started reading the Scriptures, then I’m glad she’s reading the Scriptures,” Brendle said, but evangelicals are sticking with the Republicans. He assured me that the movement may be undergoing a reshuffling, looking for new leaders and new tactics, but conservative Christians are not retreating from the political fight.

In other words, gestures of faith from democratic contenders are automatically dismissed as empty and meaningless. Reminds me of this quote, from a post I did early last year:

“Debate with the radical Christian right is useless. We cannot reach this movement. It does not want a dialogue. It is a movement based on emotion and cares nothing for rational thought and discussion. It is not mollified because John Kerry prays or Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday school. Naive attempts to reach out to the movement, to assure them that we, too, are Christian, or we, too, care about moral values, are doomed. This movement is bent on our destruction. The attempts by many liberals to make peace would be humerous of the stakes were not so deadly. These dominionists hate the liberal, enlightened world formed by the Constitution, a world they blame for the debacle of their lives. They have one goal – it’s destruction.”

That quote is from Chris Hedges’ American Fascists.

It’s kinda sad watching Dem candidates offering up their religous bona fides in a desperate attempt to attract support from a demographic that is dead set on not supporting us. After all, you don’t see republican candidates wasting their time going to liberal neighborhood committees in Berkeley in Birkenstocks. The Republicans know the value of having a political enemy here at home… the Dems don’t.

I’m convined that were Jesus to come back and run for prez as a Democrat, these people would still vote republican.


2 Responses to “Colorado Evangelicals…”

  1. angus said

    J.C. as a Democrat? LOL! The American Taliban would crucify him all over again.

    But seriously, these idiots have to recognized for what they….ideological true believers who cannot be reasoned with. Doesn’t matter if its religion or politics (Taliban, Calvinists, Catholic Inquisitors, Russian Bolsheviks, German Nazis), the absolute certainty in the correctness of their beliefs (and the falisity of the opposition)precludes dialogue. The writer you quote quite rightly identifies them as opposed to the Constitution -that wonderful Enlightenment inspired document- as they trace their spiritual ancestry back to a much darker period of American and European history: Puritanism, Calvinism and the worst excesses of the Protestent Reformation. Funny how these types are usually connected to some sort of rebellion or revolution against the established order.

  2. Jerry said

    I understand and sympathize with a lot of this.
    But there are some cool folks out there too.

    If you have a minute, you can go here: http://edgungor.com/
    Click on ‘thoughts”
    and scroll down to “is God a republican?”

    And if you have two minutes, you can click on an audio sermon on the top right.
    You may like “smart spirituality” sermoms starting on July 15th in the archives.

    Some folks still keep it together.

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