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The debates…

Posted by Brian on January 31, 2008

I watched last night’s GOP debate and tonight’s Dem’s debate. What a contrast…

The GOPers were all Reagan and very little Bush, and the crowd ate it up. My take on it is that there is a massive effort by those on the right to erase Bush 2 from the collective memory. If Bush were a successful president on their own terms, surely there would be more discussion of him. Clearly, they don’t think very much of the job he did, so rather than face up to the damage their political ignorance has caused the country and the world, they are simply resetting the clock back to the 80’s and pretending Bush father and son never happpened. Brilliant… I heard on Air America this morning that some poor sap played a drinking game in which he took a shot everytime Reagan’s name was mentioned. He probab;y didn’t make it past McCain’s second lame Romney joke.

I was pretty disgusted by the lousy treatment they were giving Huckabee and Paul. Was it a coincidence that Romney and McCain were sitting next to each other in the seats closest to the moderator?  It reminded me of the shabby treatment that John Edwards got in his last debate. Personally, I think that such debates should treat all participants the same as long as they pass a certain test of eligibility, regardless of the polls.

Turning to the dem debate, Obama summed up his appeal with the one comment he made about Hillary’s spotty voting record on Iraq. Hillary is in no place to criticize McCain, Romney, or anyone self about the way the war was run as she was sat by and made it possible. Obama, who was against it from the start, is in a much better rhetorical position to debate Iraq with the republican candidate.

Anyway, they both did very well, and Obama seemed very forward-looking compared to the necro-reagan-philes on the other side.

I’m 99% certain that Hillary can’t win a general election against McCain. Obama, on the other hand, has the kind of wide-spread support that would neutralize McCain’s appeal. I have concerns about Obama’s lack of experience, but he will get my vote should he win the primary election. I simply won’t vote for hillary if she wins…


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