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Grades are in…

Posted by Brian on April 11, 2008

My grades for Winter, ’08:

  • Social Justice: 4.0
  • LEadership in Education: 3.7 (B+)
  • Student Development THeory: 3.3 (B+)

My grades were a little bit strange this past quarter… I lucked out with one class and got a bit roughed up by another.

Based on my own calculations, I didn’t deserve a 4.0 in Social Justice. Our group bombed the group project (long story), which cost us enough points to make a 4.0 mathematically impossible. I busted my ass on everything else hoping the professor might cut me some slack… I guess it worked.

As for the Theory class, I’m told I did very poorly on the final which explains the (relatively) poor grade. The final involved writing short essays in class, which is *not* a good fit for my learning style. I do quite well on essays that I have days to work on… but as for sitting down and having an essay question throw at me, that’s tough.

As for this quarter, I’m taking Law and Higher Education, Adult LEarning and Psychology, and a class on American Community Colleges.


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