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Posted by Brian on August 28, 2008

From the Everett Herald:

Snohomish County Republicans on Tuesday stopped selling phony $3 bills at their Evergreen State Fair booth bearing a picture of Barack Obama wearing an Arab headdress.

In addition to the image of Sen. Obama, the likely Democratic nominee for president, the “Obamanation Note” design includes a silhouette figure of a camel, identifies Obama as “Da Man” and is signed by “Teddy Kennedy, Chief Socialism Advisor,” and “Al Sharpton, New Spiritual Advisor.” The serial number, “IBD14UOK” when read aloud, is fractured English: “I be de one for you, OK.”

And Obama wants to extend the handshake of bipartisanship to these people. Fuck ’em… is what I say.

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How fitting…

Posted by Brian on August 15, 2008

WHile driving to work the other day (carpooling now, btw, and loving it), I saw an old clunker of a car that had either broken down or run out of gas. On the back bumper… a McCain bumpersticker. “How fitting,” I thought. I’m expecting Republican insiders to give up on his campaign just as they gave up on Dole’s in ’96.

Anyway, today’s my birthday. We’ll be getting some cake and having dinner at a fancy Korean restaurant in Seattle.

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