m a r k a n d e y a

“Community Organizers”

Posted by Brian on September 4, 2008

For obvious reasons, I take issue with a lot that is being said in St. Paul at the GOP convention, but one particular line of attack struck me as particularly rancid even by their own low standards. I’m talking about the contempt for Obama’s work as a “community organizer.”

I’m not the only one to take offense, I’m happy to see. This post at the Washington Monthly blog hits upon all the points I can think of to show that community organizers around the country deserve better than the mocking derision of Sarah Palin and the laughing losers in attendance. How many of the great social movements in history were helped along by community organizers without a badge or budget to draw upon? Heck, the disability rights movement in the 70’s, the same movement that will make things easier for Palin’s own son, was a bottom-up movement. COmmunity organizing has a long and proud tradition in our country and it burns me up to have to listen to Palin ridicule the notion of striving to improve one’s community. 

Community organizers have started a blog demanding an apology from the Alaska governor.


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