m a r k a n d e y a

The Debate

Posted by Brian on September 27, 2008

The first debate is in the books and I’m giving a slight edge to McCain on points. His mastery of foreign policy really came through and I think he was agrressive enough towards the end to throw Obama on the defensive.

That said, snap polls taken after the debate shows Obama as the winner. Perhaps it had something to do with McCains grumpy demeanor and conemptuous attitude towards Obama, a political equal he couldn’t even bother to make eye contact with.

BUt even if the general consensus was that McCain did win by a slight margin, that simply isn’t good enough considering the current dynamics of the race. McCain has been sliding in the polls for at least a week now… this debate – on foreign policy, his strong suit – was his best chance to come up with a decisive victory over Obama and change the narrative of the race. He didn’t do that… I think Obama held his own for the most part and came across as bright, authoritative, and, most importantly, presidential.

McCain might get a slight bump in the polls here, but next week’s debate between Biden and Palin should be a complete train wreck for the MCCain camp. How many points will that cost them?


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