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The Palin Test

Posted by Brian on September 30, 2008

Sarah Palin’s latest gaffe is that she couldn’t name any Supreme Court cases beyond Roe v. Wade. I did some brainstorming of my own and here’s what I came up with off the top of my head: Jerry Falwell v. Hustler; Plessy v. Ferguson; Brown v. Board of Education; Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire (an early free speech case that I’m familiar with because I did a paper recently on campus speech codes); and Bush v. Gore. I’m not saying that I can expound in detail on each and every one of these cases, but a few of them have become such a part of our political venacular that at least the name rings a bell. But Governor Palin? Nahh…

To my surprise, there are a few principled conservatives who can see through the Sarah Palin charade. George Will is the latest conservative to state the obvious. He joins the National Review’s Kathleen Parker and former Bush speechwriter David Frum as conservatives with legitimate concerns over Palin’s ability and readiness to become the president. 

If only the conservative masses were so open-minded…

UPDATE: TO be fair to Governor Palin, the Couric asked about Supreme COurt cases she disagreed with which is a little bit tougher than just enumerating a few SC cases. But still, Hilzoy makes a good case that being a pro-life Christian fundie and governor of Alaska should give her some familiarity to other, less well-known cases.


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